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After our mid-term check on our daily rituals, I felt frozen as to what my next step should be. While I considered what path the project should take next, I messed around with both the charcoal and graphite mediums - the result being a couple of confused-looking sketches.

Pencil "experiments"

Charcoal "experiments"

I was considering doing away with the two mediums altogether, having identified one of the main reasons for selecting them before as simple nostalgia from drawing as a kid. During this time that I felt frozen, I was rekindling a love for an old hobby - playing acoustic guitar.

For a couple of weeks, it didn't occur to me to harness this passion as a new step in my daily ritual. A few more ineffectual charcoal drawings emerged on my sketch pad during this time, as the far more "daily" practice was actually my playing guitar.

Oakfithe's "town marshall"

Floorplan of an unknown house

My writings on the inhabitants of Oakfithe continued as well, at a similarly sluggish pace - all writings can be found here.

Around the middle of November, it dawned on me that I could start to implement my music playing as my daily ritual. I started recording tracks on Garageband, including a few covers of other artists' work, which helped me get creative inspiration, but obviously lacked in originality. This gave way to my messing around with software insturments and digital effects in Garageband, and limiting acoustic guitar to record one or two tracks to layer in with the other tracks.

Music samples are on SoundCloud, here.

My daily ritual had finally become daily again. I laid down a track or two each day, and allowed the song to evolve as I experimented with layering different effects and software accompaniments.